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Natacha Tormey


The Exposure of Sara Kelley aka Sara Davidito

In March 2018, a whistle blower contacted me with information that suggested Sara Kelley was living in Esterillos Oeste, Costa Rica under the pseudonym Sara Stevenson (often shortened to Sara Stevens). The most alarming piece of information was that she was working with vulnerable women and children in the role of National Director for charity organization 'Seeds of Hope - Costa Rica'.

To provide background information on this individual, I am using excerpts from the X-Family website, which is the leading TFI ex-member website for information about the cult. I assisted with recent edits for Sara's profile page, which can be found at this link:

Sara Stevenson Kelley (American; born 1950-05-14) is a former leader of The Family International and a nanny of Ricky "Davidito" Rodriguez (see The Story of Davidito). She is wife to Alfred Strickland Kelley and mother of Davida Kelley, Mary Dear, and three other children.

Pseudonyms she has used include: Prisca Kelley, Sara Davidito, Sara Stevens, Sara Stevenson and Sharon

Sara Kelley was the primary author of ‘The Story of Davidito’ book, a compilation of letters in which she recorded the early development of the cult leaders’ heir Ricky Rodriguez, a.k.a. Davidito. This book was published with the intention that it be used as a childcare manual, setting the example on how to raise a child. It was sent to communes across the cult, worldwide. In ‘The Story of Davidito’, Sara Kelley published instructions on how to look after children including the detailed, explicit sexual grooming that she and others subjected Ricky Rodriguez to from birth. This book had a direct impact on the widespread sexual abuse that followed within the cult for a number of years. Sara was also involved in the sustained physical and psychological abuse of Merry Jolene Berg, a.k.a Mene.

In short, Sara was one of the most prominent abusers in The Family International / Children of God cult. Not only did she commit multiple acts of abuse herself, she is also guilty of distributing paedophilic material and inciting those with such horrific inclinations to act upon their desires.

Following the information received, I worked with my whistle blower to collect statements, witness accounts and evidence. Local law enforcement were contacted at this point as well. Information was found to be leaking shortly after and I made the decision to expose her 7th April 2018.

Sara Kelley fled Costa Rica on 8th April 2018. Costa Rican authorities opened an investigation.

Seeds of Hope CR released the following statement regarding Sara Stevenson.

Important Message From the Board of Seeds of Hope: April 12, 2018

"As you may know, it was brought to our attention this weekend that one of our staff members, Sara Stevenson has a background that is against the mission and beliefs of Seeds of Hope. We have taken down our Facebook/Instagram pages until directed by government officials to put them back up. We would like to thank those who took the steps in bringing this information to our attention. Seeds of Hope has taken affirmative action and requested the immediate resignation from Sara Stevenson. Her ties with Seeds of Hope are severed.

Sara did not give us full disclosure of her past. A professional background check, her application and passport information under the name of Sara Stevenson does not connect her to an impropriety or questionable history. A few years ago Seeds was voted in to become members of CONATT which is the National Committee under

Immigration’s Department of Human Trafficking. They did an investigation of Seeds including our staff and this did not come up. We are seeking advice as how to better vet our volunteers. We want to be clear that there have been no allegations against Sara's work here at Seeds of Hope. We are in the process this week of meeting with several top authorities in San Jose including The Department of Human Trafficking, Immigration, OIJ (FBI) and PANI (Child Protective Services) . They will perform investigations and take the proper steps. There are many rumors going around. The authorities will determine what is true and what actions need to take place.

This has been a shock to us and we would covet your prayers. Fortunately this has no impact on our clubhouses. We will continue on with our work! ​

Thank you,

The Board of Seeds of Hope."